Born in 1956 in Rio Grande do Sul State and lives in Sao Paulo since 1965. It began in painting and drawing in making pontilismo and currently works in acrylic on canvas. Studied the Technical College of Design Communications – IADÊ – 1976. Faculty and FAAP Almando Alvares Penteado – Visual Communications – 1980.

Expressionism happy

The word expressionism is linked to the concept of a movement from outside to inside that portrays a vision of the world. Usually associated with German thinking, the movement of painting bearing this name is usually marked by cries of pain and war in a world torn apart. Painter gaucho of the City of São Paulo, Luiz Cavalli, expresses in joyful expressionism. Inside him, the agony of Europe, which is marked by destruction or scarring, does not exist. His vision of life is poetry. The color is brought to canvas with wide freedom, and relates to the human figure with brilliant intensity in vibrant colored design of forms.

There is a way to see the caring human being. Even when it is destroyed by the amount of color and the broad gesture, a few brushstrokes of humor and a vision of people as critical and derision alert on the finite nature of life and the futility of vanity in a world where everything is increasingly ephemeral.

In case of vehicles such as cars, bicycles, scooter or carts with sellers of cocada and other food products, the art of Luiz Cavalli grows, because its touch expressionist happy fits naturally to the circular movement and the search for an answer that the dynamism of plastic proposes vehicles. Oscar D’Ambrosio, journalist, is master in the Visual Arts Institute of Arts (IA) of Unesp, câmpus of Sao Paulo and incorporates the International Association of Art Critics (AICA-Section Brazil).


Especial Dia dos Namorados


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